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By Twocans - December 5, 2017

Hi yea,
I have a small problem with building a site from backup.

I was on a server from hostgator but than moved to  (silly name but still good), Before deleting the site from the old server I backed up everything, aka

  1. used navicat and did complete backup of database ,
  2. went to admin panel of cms and created a backup file.

So I am on my new hosting space and trying to do the rebuild, 

  1. I upload a new cms
  2. I upload the restore file into that cms
  3. on completing the details and adding the restore, I then notice ok I am in the cms but none of my cms is like it was before aka it no longer has input forms that I had created previously. 

I also see at the top of the cms page i see I have an alert.

Upgrading MySQL table '_accesslist' to utf8mb4
Upgrading MySQL table '_email_templates' to utf8mb4
Upgrading MySQL table 'accounts' to utf8mb4
Upgrading MySQL table 'uploads' to utf8mb4

all in all my database is setup, but the cms itself is missing the previouslly created forms.

any idea as to where i went wrong 



By Dave - December 5, 2017

Hi Kenny, 

Did you copy the schema files from /data/schema/? 

I'd check that first and review the server move instructions here:

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Twocans - December 6, 2017

Dave, Thanks a million

Yes I had read a million times lol, but was never aware I needed to pass over the schema also. Wow thanks again.