Can not change banner message on front page

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under news page i tried to change the banner message

but it still shows the old message

*** Notice To Our Customers ***

Thank you for being our customer!

Have a blessed day!!!

want it to be this

*** Welcome “Hometown Services of Ohio” Customers *** 

We appreciate this opportunity to be your trash service provider! 

You will be notified in the event of any change to your trash pickup day. 

Please provide us with your patience as we consolidate our routes together. 

*** Regarding Monday 4/8 - Solar Eclipse Day*** 

Please have your trash set out the night before. 

We will be starting our routes earlier than normal so we are finished before the Solar Eclipse. 

Thank you for being our customer!

Have a blessed day!!!

Robert Hedrick

Hi Robert, 

Either search for some keywords "Have a blessed day" across all the files on the site, or check for a "News" section in the CMS and search there for the same thing "Have a blessed day".

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer


I can get in to the news in cms but when I change the text

it does not change on the page

on the other web site I can change it

Robert Hedrick


I updated the cms files and now i can change the banner

Thank You


Robert Hedrick