QRC Generator

By Dave - April 3

Hi pgplast, 

I looked into this and it seems like Google has disabled the Google Charts API we were using to generate those and they no longer offer that service.

We'll probably build a new custom solution next time we have a project that requires it and make it available.  

Sorry about that.  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By pgplast - April 4

Thanks Dave.

After poking around for a while I found a new endpoint that seems to work.

I made a change to the plugin

I changed...

$chartURL = "http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?";

$chartURL .= http_build_query(array(
'cht' => 'qr',
'chs' => $height . 'x' . $width,
'chl' => $data,
'chld' => '|' . $options['margin'],


$chartURL = "https://qrcode.tec-it.com/API/QRCode?data=".$data;

This seems to have my QRCs appearing again.

By Codee - April 12

Thank you! I was unable to figure out what changed suddenly and you nailed it.  I invoked your modified line of code and it fixed mine as well.  Do you think the new source is a long-term or a temp fix?

Thanks again.

By pgplast - Yesterday at 5:22am

Glad it was a help. I am not at all sure if this is to be a long-supported endpoint or not,. but I guess we will see!