Unusual Cron (Scheduled Tasks) Change Between 3.59 and 3.62

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By mark99 - October 24

I just wanted to highlight something I've discovered after upgrading from 3.59 to 3.62 on a dedicated server with Ionos. Before the upgrade I had no problem with cron.php, but after the upgrade I noticed they weren't running. In the past this tended to happen because I was calling cron.php with an older version of PHP via SSH/Telnet, but that was not the case this time around.

After a lot of testing, I discovered that in 3.62 I couldn't run my crons for CMS Builder in the way that usually works because the script now expects me to be logged in as a CMS Builder administrator first via the website (something you obviously can't do via a simple cron call).

So this didn't work any more:

0 * * * * /usr/bin/php8.1 /system/cron.php

Just in case anybody else runs into this, I resolved the problem by calling the command line interface version of PHP instead:

0 * * * * /usr/bin/php8.1-cli /system/cron.php

Hopefully this helps anybody else that runs into the same issue. I didn't change anything else in CMSBuilder for the upgrade, so I'm not sure what has changed between 3.59 and .62 to cause this, but I thought it worth highlighting so that others can benefit if they run into the same issue.