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By mark99 - October 23

Are there any guides on how to create scheduled tasks inside CMS Builder itself? The 'Scheduled Tasks' option under the admin area only lists those that have already been set, so I'm clearly overlooking something somewhere. Just asking as I'm trying to debug an annoying issue that has cropped up after upgrading from 3.59 to 3.62 (not ready to report this yet as I have more things left to try first).

Also how can I force a specific task to run outside of its time period, since 'Run Now' will skip the ones I want to test if it's not the right time to run them.

By mark99 - October 23

By the way, while debugging I found that the cron.php file in the 3.62 release lacks the closing ?> line at the bottom, which was present in the previous 3.59 release I was on. Seems to work fine without it, but I'm just wondering why it was removed?