Plugin: alertAdminLogin & CMSB 3.62 not sending mail

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By Deborah - October 21

Hi, Everyone.

Possibly due to the shift to PHPMailer in CMSB version 3.62 (Build 2409), I am no longer receiving automated login alert emails from Djulia's plugin "alertAdminLogin.php". Tested on three installs. The outgoing mail log shows the message sent, but the message is not received on the receiving mail server.

- Plugin is the current version 1.02 on the IT plugins page
- Email settings: Send & Log, Use PHP's built-in mail() function
- PHP v8.1.16.

Is anyone here having success with this plugin when installed on 3.62? If so, could you please share your file?


By Deborah - October 21

Hey, Dave. 

Nothing in the error logs. (I should have stated that.)

~ Deborah

By Dave - October 21

Hi Deborah, 

Can you try removing this line?  

'html'    => "",

It should then send a text-only message.  

Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Deborah - October 21

Dave, that solution worked for me - email received. I use this plugin for all installs.

Clever you are! Thanks so much for the quick response.

~ Deborah