Adding attachments to an non-default email template

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By Dave - October 7

Hi Jeff, 

What code is sending the message?  Is it custom or Newsletter Builder or something else?  

What we'd need to do is all the attachment options to the sending code.

Let me know some details and we'll see what's possible.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By JeffC - October 8

Thanks Dave

It's a email set up in the Email Templates section editor (

The site uses the Membership Plugin to send an email to a new user when signing up. The template ID is the default one (USER-SIGNUP) that the plugin creates.

We'd like to add a 'Welcome Pack' as an email attachment (which consists of 2 Word .docs.



By Dave - October 11

Hi Jeff, 

Yea, that's interesting.  I think we can set that up.  Can you email me directly with details?  We implement it for you and cover the cost, using your site as a test case and adding it to the CMS.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer