Bootstrap 4 carousel - images stacking -slider doesn't work

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Hi, dmm.

I'm not familiar with the Bootstarap carousel, but at first glance I'm seeing a code difference between the two links you provided that might matter.

The "carousel-item" class is not indicated for the divs of the dynamic example slides (those show it as "item"), so those images are likely not positioning correctly.

<div class="carousel-item active"><img src="img/demo-sma.png" alt="Image 1" class="d-block w-100">

<div class="item"><img src="/cmsb/uploads/demo-sma-1.png" width="1000" height="667" alt="slide" class="d-block w-100">

~ Deborah

By dmn - September 28, 2023

Thank you Deborah, you saw what I had not seen for a couple of hours, I had looked at it for so long I was missing the obvious. It's working great.

Happens to us all - and to me, more than most!

Glad the carousel is working.