CMSB v3.61 Beta 1 - Maintenance Release

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By Deborah - August 27, 2023

Hi, Dave.

Everything I tested is working great, except for a plugin conflict. I especially like the new "shift-click" for selecting a checkbox range.

With Auto Backup version 1.04 plugin, Background Tasks will not allow me to enable it and the backups aren't created unless I use the "run manually" link. From the error log:

MySQL Error: Unknown column 'function' in 'where clause' in /home/tstbdgweb/public_html/cmsbeta/admin.php on line 59.

Perhaps AutoBackup needs an update?

~ Deborah

By Dave - August 30, 2023

Hi Deborah, 

Thanks so much for your help testing the software, we really appreciate it.

I've uploaded a new beta here that should have a fix for the issue you identified:

Let me know if that works for you and then we can release this version.

Thank you! 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Deborah - August 31, 2023


The new beta works with the Auto Backup 1.04 plugin - scheduled backups are recording again and without errors.

Thanks so much!

By Dave - September 2, 2023

Hi All, 

The official release version is now available here:

Thanks so much for your help and support!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer