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By JeffC - September 8, 2023

Hi Steve

Thanks again for this plugin. Do you mind if I offer some feedback? I don't want to sound ungrateful!

Lets say I have 2,000 items in my list and I want to move record 2000 to position 1

  1. The CMS is set to show 1000 items per page.
  2. Page 1 is showing records 2000-1001.
  3. I tick record 2000.
  4. The Move Record Here link appears.
  5. I click page 2 to show records 1000-1 but,
  6. Because I am now on a different page the checked record is no longer checked and the 'Move Record Here' does not appear.

Dave, is there a way to add an option for 'All Records' to the 'Per Page' drop down? If not, could you consider this for the next cmsB release?


By Steve99 - September 8, 2023

Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear it's getting some use, and I appreciate the feedback! I'd noted this as well and plan to have a think on it.

In the meantime, you can easily add values to the per page drop down list by modifying this:
Line 180 in latest CMSB v3.61

<?php echo getSelectOptions($metaData['perPage'], array(5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 1000)); ?>

Just make note of the change for future cmsb upgrades.

Thanks, and please let me know of any other feedback!


By JeffC - September 9, 2023

Thanks Steve


By Dave - September 12, 2023

Hi Jeff, 

Just following up on this.  Can you tell me more about the situation where you need to change the order and have thousands of records?  I want to get a better understanding of that to see if there's a solution that's better suited.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By JeffC - September 13, 2023

Hi Dave

It's for a shopping site. They have 2,500+ products and sometimes need to change the order of item(s) to group similar items together. We've looked at tags and other ideas but, because there are no hard rules as to when/where items should be grouped, a system that can be used adhoc appears to be the best idea.

Steve's plugin is actually spot-on. The only downside is that is doesn't work across pages.

In this instance adding an option for 3,000 records per view gets around the problem. It is a little sluggish viewing 3,000 items at once, but we only need to use it temporarily while moving the records. It does alter core cmsB files, so I'll have to remember to update it each time I upgrade. If it's possible to add a function to General Settings to change the max number of records per view that would be great. Maybe it should come with a warning that it will affect performance – but most people using cmsB would be at a level that they understand that.



By Dave - October 6, 2023

For everyone who was asking about improved multi-record drag sorting for the Section Editors, we've added that in the new beta.  Come give it a try:

As always, thank you for your ongoing feedback, support and suggestions!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer