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By Dave - July 11, 2023

Hi Karls, 

I don't think so.  I believe it regenerates all that content each time you move something.  The fastest way would be to create a backup or copy of your section and experiment.  Try changing the order and see if it regenerates.  If not let me know and I'll have a look through the internal code.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By ht1080z - July 12, 2023

Hi Dave,

I imported the records with empty lineage and breadcrumb (these 2 fields was required) for the first level. I changed the order manually from cmsb and the records for the special category fields (globalOrder, siblingOrder, lineage, depth, parentNum, breadcrumb) are generated.

After that I imported the second level records again with empty lineage and breadcrumb but with parentNum and after I changed the order for one record again and everything regenerated again filling the fields as needed.

Thank you for your help on this!

By Dave - July 12, 2023

Great!  Glad to hear it's working.  Thanks for the update. :-)

Dave Edis - Senior Developer