Some crons not running after 3.57 to 3.59 update

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By mark99 - July 8, 2023 - edited: July 8, 2023

I've noticed on two of my CMSB installs (beta test site and live site) that some, but not all, of my scheduled cron tasks aren't running since I've upgraded from v3.57 to v3.59.

If I try to use the "run now >>" option, then it says something like this for the related tasks (even though they should be running twice daily):

Skipping Update Flat Files, function: flatFiles_generate (not scheduled to run again yet)

There's not a lot of documentation on how the CMSB cron system works, so I'm not sure how to go about testing and checking or changing the details (it's been years since I had to touch them)?

By Dave - July 8, 2023

Hi Mark99, 

That's odd.  If you want to send in a 2nd level support request I can take a look at it for you:


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By mark99 - July 11, 2023

So it turned out this was an easy fix. The cron call we had in telnet/SSH was still attached to the old PHP7.4 library (/usr/bin/php7.4), so I moved that up to PHP8 and the tasks run fine now.

By Dave - July 12, 2023

Ok, glad it's working and thanks for the update!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer