New PHP8.2 error (Swift Mailer 5)

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By Dave - April 3

Thanks Djulia, 

Can you check if adding a @ to @call_user_func_array( on line 27 suppresses the deprecated error? 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - April 5

Perfect! Thanks! :)

By Djulia - April 29

Hi Dave,

I have another alert :

Callables of the form ["Swift_MimePart", "Swift_Mime_MimePart::__construct"] are deprecated
../3rdParty/SwiftMailer5/classes/Swift/MimePart.php (line 30).



By Dave - April 30

Hi Djulia, 

Can you try adding a @ above that line?  Like this:

            array($this, 'Swift_Mime_MimePart::__construct'),

We'll release an update shortly with all these patches as well.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer