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By pacolvin - December 11

Has anyone found or used something that can organize uploaded files into folders that the user can click to open and view the files (uploads) in that folder.  The reason I ask is I have a client that upload meeting minutes to a page.  Over the years, it's just one long list of file links.  They would like it to be organized by at lease each year's minutes instead of one long list.

I know there are things our there, but I would like to keep it integrated with CMS Builder for managing the uploads.



By gkornbluth - December 12

Hi Phil,

I've been using RoyslSlider for managing my photo albums with CMSB.

Here's a recipe in the CMSB CookBook that describes the code necessary for that implementation.

Instead of putting the images in different folders, I created records in a multi record editor for each photo group and upload all the images for that group.

I display the groupsbased on the code in this recipe:

I suppose you could use one of the info fields to identify which group (year) an image belongs to and sort them that way, to eliminate re-uploading all the images

Hope that gives you some ideas,

Jerry Kornbluth

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By pacolvin - December 12


Thanks for the suggestion.  Based on what you shared, I may try the multi record editor and then use Bootstrap Accordions to group the years for the uploads.



By pacolvin - December 12

Sure.  It may be a while as I have some other projects, but I'll post what I did and how.