hide image's info fields value in admin panel?

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By ht1080z - November 25, 2022


Is there any way to hide the image's info value in the sections where is the upload fields (admin back-end)?

Thank you,

By ht1080z - November 25, 2022

Hi Jerry,

I want to keep the value info1 but hide it on the admin back-end.
Thank you anyway.


By gkornbluth - November 25, 2022

Sorry I couldn't help more.

Jerry Kornbluth

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By Dave - November 29, 2022

Hi Karls, 

There's no official way to hide those fields.  

However, if you're comfortable modifying the code though you can try this:

  • Open /cmsb/lib/menus/default.php
  • Search for this: echo $row['_infoFields']
  • Add these slashes to "comment out" this line
  • <?php // echo $row['_infoFields']; ?>

Keep in mind these custom changes will be overwritten the next time you upgrade.  What we recommend anytime you make custom changes to the CMSB files is to create a file called /cmsb/_CUSTOM_CHANGES_.txt that lists the files and content changed.  That way anyone upgrading in the future will notice that file in the CMSB root and be able to easily recreate those changes.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By ht1080z - November 30, 2022

Thank you Dave,

This is perfect for me!


By ht1080z - December 1, 2022 - edited: December 1, 2022

Hi Dave,

I cannot find default.php within this folder (/cmsb/lib/menus/) or any folder inside the lib folder. (using v3.56)

PS: I found the required string inside the /cmsb/lib/menus/default/uploadList.php and it worked!

Thank you again!