Ordering Multiple Uploads

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Hey celuch,

There are a few options for ordering uploads. Here is a snippet that will make sure that uploads stay in the order that they were saved in:

addAction('upload_saved', 'uploadOrder_setUploadOrderToUploadTime', null, 4);
function uploadOrder_setUploadOrderToUploadTime($tablename, $fieldname, $recordNum, $newUploadNum) {
  $uploadStartTime = substr(intval(floatval($_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT']) * 1000), 4);
  mysql_update('uploads', $newUploadNum, null, ['order' => $uploadStartTime ]);

The main drawback here is that when images are uploaded in bulk, they can finish uploading in different orders, so it's not always fully accurate.

It's also possible to order the uploads when a record is saved, with something like this:

addAction('record_postsave', 'uploadOrder_updateUploadsOrder', null, 4);
function uploadOrder_updateUploadsOrder($tableName, $isNewRecord, $oldRecord, $recordNum) {
  $schemaFields = getSchemaFields($tableName);
  foreach($schemaFields as $field) {
    if ($field['type'] == 'upload') {
      $uploads = mysql_select('uploads', mysql_escapef("`tableName` = ? AND `fieldName` = ? AND `recordNum` = ? ORDER BY filePath, num", $tableName, $field['name'], $recordNum ));
      if($uploads) {
        $order = 1;
        foreach($uploads as $upload) {
          mysql_update('uploads', $upload['num'], null, ['order' => $order]);

This should automatically alphabetize the uploads in any record when it is saved. Note that it applies to all upload fields in all tables, but it could be customized to be a bit more specific. $tableName can be used to restrict which section(s) it applies to, and $field['name'] can apply to specific fields.

You can put either of these snippets into a plugin (CMSB comes with samplePlugin.php as a plugin template) to use them.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Technical Lead