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By Robarbh - July 19, 2022

When you go to the website you get this error

Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated in /home1/rick123/public_html/includes/php/funclib.php on line 8

Robert Hedrick

By gkornbluth - July 19, 2022

Hey Robert,

What version of CMSB and PHP are you running

Jerry Kornbluth

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By daniel - July 20, 2022

Hi Robert,

As Jerry suggests, this looks like something to do with your PHP version - PHP has likely been upgraded on your server, and some older code is causing an error. It appears to be coming from a custom file or library outside of CMSB so simply upgrading the CMS is unlikely to fix it, however, if you're able to post a snippet of the code I can try to help correct it.

The error is coming from line 8 of /includes/php/funclib.php - can you copy at least that line, as well as ~5 lines above and below it and paste that here?


Technical Lead

By Robarbh - July 21, 2022

cms 3.56 php 7.4

Robert Hedrick

By daniel - July 21, 2022

Hi Robert,

I believe if you change this line:

while (($string{$length} != " ") AND ($length > 0)) {

To this:

while (($string[$length] != " ") AND ($length > 0)) {

It should get rid of the error.

Can you try that out and let me know if it works?


Technical Lead

By Robarbh - July 22, 2022

Thank You It works 

Robert Hedrick