Replicating Existing Product Details to New Product

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By mark99 - October 18

Is there a way in CMSB to automatically replicate some of the field data from an existing product into the entry for a second product, such as when two products are similar in certain areas.

For example, let's say my two products are Ferrari cars, albeit with many similar specs except a few exceptions. I don't want to have to manually copy and paste lots of repetitive details fromĀ  Ferrari A into Ferrari B (e.g. engine size, website link, logo etc.), so it would be great if I could link the repetitive data fields between multiple products to save on data entry time.

By Steve99 - October 20

Hi Mark,

Would the "Save & Copy Button" plugin suit your needs? It will create a duplicate record, then you can modify the fields that have different specs.


By mark99 - October 20

Not sure. Does that plugin record and reflect changes when the original source field is updated?