Error connecting to MySQL: 1045 - Access denied for user

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By andreasml - August 31, 2021


I am trying to install the cmsb in a new directory, and after completing the one minute setup I get the following message back " Error connecting to MySQL: 1045 - Access denied for user".

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


By daniel - September 1, 2021 - edited: September 1, 2021

Hi Andreas, 

This error typically indicates some sort of permissions issue in the database configuration. There are many ways this could happen, but the first things I would check are:

  • *That the username/password being used is correct
  • *The database user has the correct privileges to access the site's database

Let me know if you're able to make any progress, otherwise, I may have some other troubleshooting steps I can point you towards.


Technical Lead

By andreasml - September 3, 2021

Thanks Daniel

It was my mistake. I just had missed to create the database in advance and then connect it to the CMSB. I wonder whether it would be possible to create the new database through the "One minute installation" page; if it had been possible, it would be easier for the novice user to do a quick and easy CMSB installation.

Kind regards