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By ht1080z - August 24 - edited: August 24


I hope everybody had a wonderful summer!

A quick question about the Download Mail plugin:

Can I link emails to another table (example: "Applications" that users registered on the website and with attachments sent via emails to a selected and connected-with Download Mail plugin)?
Do I need to put some unique variable to the email subject so I can link each specific email with the related records?

Any help would be much appreciated,

By daniel - August 25

Hi Karls,

No, there isn't any way of doing this with the base plugin - it would require some custom programming to check the emails after they've been downloaded and add the links to other tables as necessary. If you're interested in trying to do this I can provide some guidance about where to start, or if you'd like some more hands-on help feel free to send us a request for a free estimate:


Technical Lead

By ht1080z - August 26

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. Please provide me some guidance about where to start and look at this first better.

Thanks again,

By ht1080z - August 26

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your help. I'll definitely take a deep dive on this.