Settings.dat.php database settings suddenly blank

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By Dave - May 31, 2021

Hi Celuch, 

A typical reason that would happen is when the server disk is full.  When that happens and the settings file is opened to be updated/written there's no space for the file so a zero byte file gets saved.

We do have some code in CMSB to detect that situation though, which version of CMSB are you running?  And is there anything unique about your setup?  For example have files on a remotely hosted server separate from the web server?  And what's the OS (Linux, windows, etc?).

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By celuch - June 1, 2021

Thanks so much for the reply. 

This instance is on our in-house linux web sever (V 3.52 on older PHP - 7.18), and it happened after a power failure that lasted past our battery backup.  So I'm not that concerned about this case, but wondered what the cause could be.

This has also happened at least twice on GoDaddy servers over the past few years. Always rather easy to fix, just wanted to see if a know cause.