Checkboxes and date fields + "Update all existing records with this value"

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By Deborah - May 29, 2021

I saw Jerry's comment in the post below and in version 3.54 can't find the check box referenced. Could someone please give me a few more clues where to find it or a screenshot? I've tried various scenarios of records with checkboxes and checkbox lists and don't see that option in my Field Editor.

From post:

"Also, in V3.54 and maybe some other earlier versions, there's a check box available when you add either a check box or date field to an editor that says, "Update all existing records with this value" which should set the dates or checkbox value to all existing records."

I see it was a new feature in the 3.52 changelog - a very useful addition!

~ Deborah

By Deborah - June 1, 2021

Jerry, thank you for posting the screenshots.

This is odd... I found code for this in /editField.php, but the checkbox and "Update all..." text does not display for me in the editor screen - not even with the new 3.55 beta.

I'll submit a support request if someone from IT doesn't pick up this post in the next few days.

~ Deborah