Error when using emailOnApproved plugin with PHP 7.4

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By Dave - May 25, 2021

Hi Jerry, 

Can you try just hiding the warnings and see if everything still works?  Just add @ as follows:

  $wasChecked   = intval(!@$oldRecord[$fieldname] && @$_REQUEST[$fieldname]);
  $wasUnchecked = intval(@$oldRecord[$fieldname]  && !@$_REQUEST[$fieldname]);

Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By gkornbluth - May 26, 2021

Hi Dave,

I really appreciate your looking at this.

When I hid the errors, everything seemed to function correctly and no errors popped up when saving the new record, but there's still an error thrown in the error log.

E_WARNING: A non-numeric value encountered
/home4/zcfzmsmy/public_html/jazzonjstreet/cmsAdmin/lib/menus/default/edit_functions.php (line 382)



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