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By gversion - March 4, 2021


I would like the downloadMail plugin to archive emails instead of deleting them. I am using IMAP and have created a folder in the email account called "archive". I have specified the folder in the settings as:

'archive' => 'archive', // IMAP Only, move messages to this folder instead of deleting them

However the emails are still being deleted. I guess the folder path is incorrect... how can I confirm what the folder path is?

Thank you,


By gversion - March 4, 2021

By the way, I have disabled test mode so archiving should work:

 'testmode' => false, // (optional) don't archive or erase messages after downloading them

By daniel - May 14, 2021

Hi Greg,

The folder name format may differ depending on mail client, but two that I'm aware of will prefix them with "INBOX." or "INBOX/" so in your case, you can try "INBOX.archive" and "INBOX/archive".

You can also try looking in your background task log - I believe that if the plugin fails to archive it will output a list of available folders in its task log output.

Let me know if you're able to make any progress; there may be some alternate options to find the folder name if the above doesn't work.


Technical Lead

By gversion - May 17, 2021

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. In the end, I switched to a Microsoft 365 account and there seems to be no prefix applied so "archive" worked!

.... there may be some alternate options to find the folder name if the above doesn't work

However I would be very grateful if you could share these alternative options as I often seem to go round in circles with this!

Thanks again,


By daniel - May 17, 2021

Hi Greg,

The next step I'd take would be to build a script that connects to the mailbox and runs PHP's imap_list() manually to retrieve a list of all folders. The PHP documentation page ( has a simple example that should work in most cases, and just require swapping in the correct host/user/password.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Technical Lead