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By rez - April 20

Can I make one of the tabs in a group on the left of CMSB a  simple external link?

Can I make an external link in an editor for an admin somehow?

Basically, I want to link a color picker website for an admin to visit the site and grab a hex code:


By Steve99 - April 20 - edited: April 20

The modify header links plugin Deborah shared will certainly work.

There's also an Advanced Menu option "Text Link" when you create a new Section Editor.

Can also add a Separator field to a Section Editor with the HTML Separator Type option.

By rez - April 22 - edited: April 22

Woah. All great options and good to know. Thank you both!

...I can't believe I haven't tried that "text link" before. What else is front of my face? smh.

By Deborah - April 22

Rez, I never noticed the text link either, and I've been using CMSB for sooo many years.

~ Deborah