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By ht1080z - February 8, 2021

Hi (and Happy New Year!)

I'm getting Security Notice within the cmsB (see attached screenshot) about the MySQL version that runs on my server.

"Upgrade to MySQL v5.6 or newer (Your server is running MySQL v5.5.510.5.8)"

I contacted my host and they informed me that our server runs with MariaDB 10.5 and this is equivalent with MySQL 5.7.

Can I ignore the warning?

Thank you,


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By Jenna - February 10, 2021

Hi ht1080z

Thank you for your post. You can safely ignore this warning as we are going to make an update in the next version to fix this issue. See post for more details.

And if you need a patch to remove the warning in the meantime, Dave has made a suggestion on this post 

Again, we will update CMSB in the next release to fix this warning that shows for some MariaDB users when the MySQL and MariaDB versions don't match up.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Jenna Cooke - PHP Programmer