Erase button in single record

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By hans - January 5, 2021 - edited: January 5, 2021

My bad, I forgot to mention it. Put it under lib/menus/header.php.

Edit: put it at the end of the code.

Hans Marcon
PHP Programmer (In Training)

That worked, thank you

That does work, thank you, but ideally I want it to affect the site globally, this only works for on section editor.

Hi, I've done this by updating the theme css.

By hans - January 6, 2021

I would not recommend that. It will hide all the "Erase" buttons from other sections, which you might need.

Hans Marcon
PHP Programmer (In Training)

By Djulia - January 6, 2021

Hi MercerDesign,

Can you try this plugin?

It should be able to help you.



erase-buttons-right.php 1K

Thank you, I've reverted the style sheet but where or how do I use this plugin?

By Djulia - January 7, 2021

You must place the file in the plugins folder, then activate the plugin in setup> plugins.


Thank you. That has worked perfectly!