Convert to text plugin bug?

By gversion - October 9, 2020

Hi guys,

I think we've come across a bug in the Convert to Text plugin.

In the plugin, line 336, you are trying to determine the installed version of Java

list($release,$version,$build) = explode(".", $versionString);
But the $version was returning 0 because the installed version was 11.0.8.

You were looking for the middle value, which is wrong. You should be looking at the first value to determine the version.

I can see the plugin was last updated back in 2017 so maybe the Java version was different back then...

We've updated the plugin at our end but thought we should let you know.



By Carl - October 9, 2020

Hi Greg,
Thank you for finding this. I have changed the code accordingly and I will let the team know about the change.


PHP Programmer

By Dave - October 25, 2020

Hi Greg, 

Thanks for reporting this.  We'll see if we can recreate and/or resolve this issue locally and get back to you.  


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By hans - October 26, 2020

Hello Greg. 

Upon checking this issue, I realized that upgrading your version of Tika to the most recent version fixes the parsing of text for .xlsx files and .docx files that were taken from the internet. 

I have made a copy of my modified converttotext plugin folder that has been modified in order to make them work.

Simply download the link, go to your plugins folder, and replace the "convertToText" folder with the "convertToText" folder that is the zip file in the link.

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.


Hans Marcon
PHP Programmer (In Training)

By gversion - October 27, 2020


Thank you very much for suggesting this solution - I can confirm that it now works.

I am very grateful for your support!



By Dave - October 27, 2020

Hi Greg, 

Ok great, glad it's working.  I've updated the plugin online here as well for anyone else who needs it:


Dave Edis - Senior Developer