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By Codee - July 18, 2020

Hello IT,

Unless this is already occurring with the next CMSB release expected in the coming days...could we have the newer (several years now for 'newer', right?) web graphic file extensions pre-included within CMSB?

Of course I realize we can manually change that ourselves but that washes out when we upgrade and the need in the market has surpassed the tipping point for this. Thank you, of course, in advance for any consideration. 

CMSB is STILL one of, if not the, best programmable cm systems in the market. 


By Codee - July 21, 2020

Hi Damon, and thank you.

The file formats for next-gen formats on the Internet are WebP, JPEG 2000, and JPEG XR.

For WebP, the file extension is .webp and the MIME type is image/webp.

For JPEG 2000, the file extension for JPEG 2000 images is .jp2 or .jpx and the MIME types are image/jp2, video/m2, image/jpx and image/jpm.

For JPEG XR, the file extension is .jxr and the MIME type is image/jxr.

Thanks again. Have a great week!

By Damon - July 24, 2020


I will get those three image file types added to the feature request list. 

In addition to having them as additional upload file type by default, CMS Builder will need to updated to recognize these file types and make thumbnail versions.

Damon Edis -

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By Codee - July 24, 2020

Thank you kind sir!