Is there a set of tags, or some way to tell CMSB "do not mess with anything between these open/close tags"?

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By Damon - June 17, 2020


You should be able to just remove the htmlencode and then get the results you are after:

<?php if ($productsRecord['item_code']): ?>
    <?php echo $productsRecord['item_code']; ?>
<?php endif ?>

Let us know if this works or you.

Damon Edis -

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By Codee - June 17, 2020

doh!  Yep, that was it. Thanks, Damon!!

By Toledoh - June 17, 2020

There's also the Advanced Option to "Disable auto-formatting (don't add break tags to content)".  I've found this handy when allowing clients to add javascript and various tracking widgets to sites.


Tim (

By Codee - June 23, 2020

Thanks, Tim!

By Codee - June 23, 2020

Hi Tim, "where" is that advanced option? I'm currently using cmsb version 3.53. 

By Toledoh - June 23, 2020

If you edit a field in the section editor, down the bottom of the options - as attached


Tim (

By Codee - June 25, 2020

I see it, now, it's there when creating/editing a field that is a Text Box. Thank you so much for pointing that out, Tim! I appreciate it...and your continued helpful presence in these forums.