thumbs not showing after upgrade

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By webappsi - April 15, 2020

I recently upgraded from 2.5x version 3.5x. 

After the upgrade I noticed all the pictures were not showing. I checked the path for these images and noticed the url for the images are not being parsed correctly. 

e.g. if the code

<a href="<?php echo $record['name'];?>"><img src="/cmsAdmin/uploads<?php echo $upload['thumbUrlPath'] ?>" width="185" height="148" alt='' /></a><br/>

should return the following image url

However it returns

The trailing slash is missing while another slash is prepended to the image path. 

I peeked into the database. The path is correctly defined and stored in the db table. 

Can you please advice, what might be the issue and how can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance.