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I am getting an error message when I installed php 7.3 on my server. I am running CMS Builder v3.11.

This program requires the PHP 'mysqli' extension.
Please ask your hosting provider (or server administrator) to install missing PHP extension(s).

The hosting provider is saying that everything is installed properly.

Please help me fix this asap. Thank you.


Upgrade to the latest version of CMS Builder should resolve the issue.

You can get the latest version of CMS Builder here:

Here are the instructions for upgrading:

Next, if the error continues, change PHP 7.3 to 7.2.

Please let me know if upgrading resolved the issue.

We can also help with the upgrade if needed. Let me know how we can help.


Damon Edis - interactivetools.com

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Payment of $50 US made on 26th November. Email sent with details. NO RESPONSE as yet. How long does this usually take to get my issue resolved?

Does it usually take this long to get an issue sorted out after someone has PAID?? It is going into 1 week since my request for support and payment and it takes forever to get a response.

Are you still moving your Office? I sent several emails but still NO RESPONSE on my issue.

I honestly thought a PAID support would have given me a better response than this.

You guys are seriously letting me down.