Create a Login / Logoff top bar on my website

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By gkornbluth - March 8, 2019 - edited: March 8, 2019

Hi Andreas,

You'll need to use the Website Membership plugin to use functions like requiring members to log in to protected pages.

Once you've installed and activated the plugin, to require a login for protected pages you can use code similar to:

<?php if (!$CURRENT_USER) { websiteLogin_redirectToLogin(); } ?>

At the top of the page after the load viewer library call

And to insert log off code you can use something like the following where you want the link to appear:

<?php if ($CURRENT_USER) : ?><a class="special-link" href='?action=logoff'>WHEN YOU'RE DONE, CLICK HERE TO LOG OFF</a><?php endif ?>

There are examples of many uses for the Website Membership plugin in my CMSB Cookbook

Hope that helps,

Jerry Kornbluth

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