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Hi All,

I've set up a related records field in my 'accounts' table which relate to a table called 'practice_locations'.

In addition to 'num' field value in accounts used in the 'MySQL Where' to match the records, I'd also like to pull the 'title' field value from my 'accounts' table and have it automatically populate a title field in the 'practice_locations' table.

Since the title may change over time, I'd like to continue using the 'num' field in accounts in the 'MySQL Where' for matching.

Any thoughts?


Jerry Kornbluth

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Hi Jerry,

Just to clarify: You have a title field in both 'accounts' and 'practice_locations', and a related records field in 'accounts' that lists records from 'practice_locations'. You would like the title field in 'practice_locations' to dynamically update to contain the same value as the title field in the  'accounts' record it's related to?

If that is the case, I don't think there's a simple way of achieving this, however, you generally shouldn't need to. The strength of related records fields is that they create a link between two records, such that if you have data from one, you should always be able to get data from the other. The way to do this will depend a bit on the implementation, however; perhaps if you tell me some more specifics about how you are trying to use the title field I can help point you towards a solution.


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