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By zaba - October 23, 2018


I would like to know if this could be achieved as a plugin. Basically  great feature would be to have a plugin that could host your images on an amazon s3 bucket directly from cms builder, Its possible to set up a bucket to be world readable, but I would assume you would need to somehow incorporate amazon security keys in order to upload to a specific bucket, and have the php code spit out the absolute path to the image on amazon s3. I am not skilled enough to consider this but maybe it could be a great feature as bandwidth on amazon s3 is cheap and it's less strain on hosting environments for image heavy sites.


By Dave - October 24, 2018

Hi zaba, 

We have an unofficial one that we've used many times.  We can't provide free support for it but if you email me direct at dave@interactivetools.com I can share it with you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By equinox - January 9, 2019

...and it's secure across domains...because of the security keys used?

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By Dave - January 10, 2019

Hi equinox, not sure what you're asking? 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer