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By ht1080z - October 14, 2018


Great news and fantastic job on the uploader upgrade to HTML5. I'm just started to test and use it and for now without any problems. (it is really fast!)

I have some related question for future plans:

- Is the uploader is handling chunks and/or pause-resume?

- Is there any way to use the uploader script (multiple files) from the front-end of my project?

- Can I setup the uploader to work with external storage, like S3 or Google Drive?

Thank you,

By Dave - October 18, 2018

Hi karls, 

No, unfortunately, we don't have any of that yet.  We'll likely write a front-end widget for it as some point as we're going to want to use it ourselves, and we do have an internal plugin with use for storing uploads on S3, but it's not simple or polished enough for us to release it. 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer