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By theclicklab - September 17, 2018

Hi there, I have a weird issue where some urls show a 404 error if they start with the word "destinations" or "yacht" in them e.g. 

  • 404:
  • 200:


  • 404:
  • 200:¬†

See attached page code. I also checked the htaccess file and no weird rules in there. 

Any idea what might be causing this?

CMS Builder v3.14 + plugins (see attached)

By theclicklab - September 20, 2018 - edited: September 20, 2018

Yep, so we are getting the following show up in the error log:

#3686 - E_USER_NOTICE: DEBUG - Record Number: num = '274'
/home/luxurychartergroup/ (line 17)

I suspect its related to the php files with a similar name as well, but not sure what to do next, any suggestion?

By daniel - September 25, 2018


With this info, it seems likely to me that the cause of the 404 is not on this page itself. I would suggest checking through your include files (e.g. includes/headers.php) for any code that is checking for "yacht" or "destinations", or that can trigger a 404 error. If you're unable to find anything there, in order to troubleshoot further, we'll need to move this to a support ticket so I can have a look directly. You can start a ticket with this form:


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