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By gversion - July 17, 2018


On my membership registration form I ask the user to select their "title" (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss) and also enter their surname. I would like to use these to fields in the salutation of the welcome email (USER-SIGNUP) that is sent to the user. Currently it is just "Hello {{first name}}"

I have tried editing websiteMembership.php as follows:

function wsm_sendSignupEmail($userNum, $passwordText) {

  $user         = mysql_get(accountsTable(), $userNum);
  $emailHeaders = emailTemplate_loadFromDB(array(
    'template_id'  => 'USER-SIGNUP',
    'placeholders' => array(
      'user.title' => $user['title'],
      'user.first_name' => $user['first_name'],
      'user.last_name' => $user['last_name'],
      'user.username' => $user['username'],
      ''    => $user['email'],
      'user.password' => $passwordText,
      'loginUrl'      => realUrl($GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL']),
  $mailErrors   = sendMessage($emailHeaders);

I have also edited the email template in the cmsb admin area to display the placeholder fields:

Dear #user.title# #user.last_name#,

However the placeholders are not being updated with the user's details.

Could someone please tell me what else I need to do in order to make this work?

Thank you very much!



By gversion - July 19, 2018

Hi Leo,

Thanks for checking this for me. I just realised I have built a custom "pending users" file, which is actually responsible for sending out the "welcome" email so I just needed to edit this file and now it works!

Thanks again.