Using a pic as the link in a combo page

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By mattbcd - July 16, 2018

Hi. I've been trying to work this out to no avail.

I have a site which sell books.  On one page has all the current books, linked to a detail page, which gives more detail on that book. Fine so far.

At the bottom of that detail page, I want a list of all of the other books available, as per a combo page. 

However rather than the list being text, I want them to be pics (possibly thumbnail, possibly not), which can be clicked on to go through to that product.

Is this possible using a combo page?  The only fields I appear to be able to use are text fields.

Any help greatly appreciated!

By mattbcd - July 16, 2018

Mate, you're a lifesaver!

I'll give it a try and report back.

By mattbcd - August 20, 2018

It worked a treat.  Thanks so much!