Sudden problems with upload photos 5/18/18

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By garyhoffmann - May 18, 2018


Just starting today, we are having problems with the flash multi-file uploader in Firefox.  When we try to upload a file, it gets to 100% and then hangs there.  This just started happening for us on two different computers today.  As close ago as yesterday we did not experience this problem. 

If you click on save at this point, it will save the one picture, but it never goes onto a second, third, etc. picture to upload, effectively forcing one at a time.

This is happening on both a new version of CMS (3.12) and an older version of CMS (2.65)

Any ideas why this might be happening or what we can check?  It seems so odd that it would be happening to multiple computers, so I believe we can rule out a client issue, so there must be something at the server level.

Thanks in advance.


By Codee - May 21, 2018

Same problem happened here, Gary.  I'm fairly certain it is related to the browser...particularly Firefox.  Contrary to what Mozilla states on their page, flash is NOT fully functionable in the most recent versions of Firefox.  Videos might seem to function okay, and some imaging, but more complex/not as popular functions in flash really are broken in Firefox.   I was able to replicate this problem consistently on multiple machines with several different versions of Firefox (with the most recent updates to those versions).

Fortunately, Chrome DOES function like it's supposed to once flash is enabled within the browser.  It's frustrating because I prefer FF as my default browser (as well as many of my clients) and the fixes outlined at simply are not fully accurate.

The end-game is to have a replacement html5/css multi-image uploader that works across browsers. Still waiting on InteractiveTools team to come up with their solution...hopefully soon.

By Steve99 - May 22, 2018

We came to the same conclusion equinox did about FireFox not truly enabling flash, which causes a hiccup per the default graceful fallback routine to the single file uploader that's non-flash. We're also anxiously awaiting an upgraded non-flash uploader. Slows down dev process with bulk uploads, and has been causing some headaches with client support requests.

By leo - May 22, 2018

Hi All,

We have had some issues with the flash uploader in the past. Here is a related forum post:

It also seems that firefox will not remember user's flash settings in the future version. So we will suggest disabling the flash uploader under Admin Menu > General Settings > Advanced Settings > Disable Flash Uploader. We are also working on getting a new browser friendly jquery uploader!


Leo - PHP Programmer (in training)

By Steve99 - May 22, 2018

Glad to hear Leo. Is there a tentative release date for the new jquery uploader?

By garyhoffmann - May 22, 2018

HI - what's odd is that is just started happening on 5/18 (but it was just after a FF update).  We've been using the flash uploader without trouble in FF prior to that.  We certainly prefer FF over Chrome, too.

It took a while, but I finally figured out how to enable flash in Chrome - sadly you have to do this on a site-by-site basis, but it does work at least.

We would be willing to help test out a jquery/html5 uploader if desired.