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I had a client recently upgrade CMSB from 2.5.3 to 3.13, all is working fine so far except on their newsletter pages where they have 2 WYSIWYG Editors (description and content) the WYSIWYG editor for the description section will allow me to upload image files perfectly fine, the second one for the content section throws a 404 error in the js console and doesn't populate a preview image, nor add the image properly to the textarea. This happens regardless as to if an image is uploaded into the first WYSIWYG editor or not and I am testing it with the same image. I have removed the old version of TinyMCE from the 3rd Party directory, re-uploaded the TinyMCE 4 directory and even removed the tinymce-temp-x.gz files from the data directory in an effor tot try and address the issue. I'm not really sure where to go from here.

- Jim

Hi Jim,

From the screenshot, it looks like the 404 error is looking from an image in the uploads folder but then within an /enews/ folder.

Check that the /enews/ folder actually exists and has the correct file permissions to view. If there is an image in the folder, can you see it by going to that URL in a browser?

It looks like you may be using a custom upload directory for that second WYSIWYG editor. Go to CMS Setup > Section Editors and click modify for this section.

Click modify again for the second WYSIWYG editor and scroll down the page to see if the custom upload directory is set and update the Directory Path and Folder URL if not correct.

Let me know if this resolves the issue.


Damon Edis

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The /enews/ directory is present in the uploads directory and has the permissions 755. In the Section Editors area the directory path is set to /home/a926740/ohioca.org/cmsAdmin/uploads/enews/ and the folder URL is set to /cmsAdmin/uploads/enews/ The issue is still happening.

- Jim