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By andreasml - April 4, 2018

Hello to everyone

I cannot understand how the Email Templates really work. I can construct the content of the email, but I cannot understand how I will make this template running. How will I connect it to a specific action, i.e. when this email template will be activated?

Kind regards

Andreas Lazaris

By andreasml - April 5, 2018

Hello again

Unfortunately it is not very clear to me

For example, I want to send an automatic email to each user I create, with all his info (email, username, password etc). How will I do it?

Thanks in advance

Andreas Lazaris

By leo - April 5, 2018 - edited: April 5, 2018


If you are using our membership plugin, I think that does send email to all new user by default with the template USER-SIGNUP. But anyways here is the step you should do to add code that sends an email template:

1. Find out where (or when) you want to send it. For example user notification email, you would probably like to send them right after the account is created and saved in the back-end. Could be somewhere on the signup page

2. Get the sendMessage() code from the "Developers: Show sendMessage() PHP" option in the advanced option dropdown. Copy and paste it into the location you want the email to be sent

3. Modify sendMessage() function if you want to customize placeholders or just assign correct data to the placeholders that will be used in the email template

That's the detailed process. Hope that helps you! And if you want you can always send a ticket to support@interactivetools.com and we will help you set things up.


Leo - PHP Programmer (in training)