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Hi All.

I'm wondering how I would go about sending an email (either via the newsletter module, or via an email template) to those members who have a certain favorite?


Tim Forrest
Toledoh Enterprises

Hi Tim, 

You'd need to write a custom query, the MySQL Developer console is good for practicing those (backup first through the CMSB interface): 

Here's an example of a subquery that checks a second table to only return records that has a certain field set: 

SELECT num, email, isAdmin
  FROM {$TABLE_PREFIX}accounts
 WHERE num IN (
       SELECT num FROM {$TABLE_PREFIX}accounts WHERE isAdmin = 1

Try that in the MySQL Developer Console.  First work on that subquery on it's own.  You want a query that returns all the user nums that have a certain favorite.  Then put that query inside the outer one. 

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer