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By kovali - February 3, 2018

Hi, how difficult would it be to offer a simple shopping list or favorites list to my website? Add items from a database to a list that can be printed or e-mailed... No complicated membership, cart, logins, etc... Any ideas ??



By leo - February 5, 2018

Hi Koen,

Not difficult at all. It depends on what you want this list to do after, it can be as simple as just adding a field to the existing section.

You mentioned that you want to generate a list from the database to print or email. You probably just need to add a new checkbox field "favorite" to the section and have a script to get all the ones that are checked.

If you still have questions or need support on it, feel free to respond us!


Leo - PHP Programmer (in training)

By kovali - February 5, 2018

Hi Leo,

Thx for your reply.

Let's say I have a page with +100 items for sale, so I would like to click on some of the items to add them to the favorites list. Then, on a seperate "favorites" page I would get an overview of these items with only the name, price and maybe an image... That's it. This page with favorite items could then be printed or e-mailed as a reminder.

I think this list of favorites would only be temporary, as long as the browsersession would last ? But that wouldn't be a problem if so.

Could you provide me with some example code to get me started please ? Thx in advance Leo.