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Hi, how difficult would it be to offer a simple shopping list or favorites list to my website? Add items from a database to a list that can be printed or e-mailed... No complicated membership, cart, logins, etc... Any ideas ??



Hi Koen,

Not difficult at all. It depends on what you want this list to do after, it can be as simple as just adding a field to the existing section.

You mentioned that you want to generate a list from the database to print or email. You probably just need to add a new checkbox field "favorite" to the section and have a script to get all the ones that are checked.

If you still have questions or need support on it, feel free to respond us!


Leo - PHP Programmer (in training)

Hi Leo,

Thx for your reply.

Let's say I have a page with +100 items for sale, so I would like to click on some of the items to add them to the favorites list. Then, on a seperate "favorites" page I would get an overview of these items with only the name, price and maybe an image... That's it. This page with favorite items could then be printed or e-mailed as a reminder.

I think this list of favorites would only be temporary, as long as the browsersession would last ? But that wouldn't be a problem if so.

Could you provide me with some example code to get me started please ? Thx in advance Leo.