Website Membership 1.13 Released

By zaba - March 15, 2018

Quick question,

I have to develop a system whereby users login and order certain things and pay using a basic stripe checkout integration. The stuff they buy will be receipted in their account. However, the customer may not have access to or be too lazy to buy things through the system, therefore they will ring up and order. I was wondering if there could be an admin password to log in to the customer account and purchase things so that it is still logged on the system and the stripe payment can be taken through their customer account, as there will be no access to the customers own password. Is there a way to have a universal password to log in to any customer account. No information regarding credit card will ever be stored on the system only payment receipts. Any suggestions on how this could be achieved, maybe the universal password is not the answer.

By Dave - March 15, 2018

Hi Zaba, 

It's all possible with custom code, but an easier way might me to make a system account called "Manual Orders" and login with that account to place manual orders, then you could search for orders made with that account and re-assign them to the correct user accounts.

Also, check with Stripe terms of service to make sure they don't issues with you submitting orders as the user.  Sometimes payment providers don't like that, and other times they have virtual terminals or other processes you can use for submitting manual orders.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By zaba - March 19, 2018

Thanks, that makes sense

By Twocans - April 9, 2018

Hi yea,
While I have the membership plugin and the facebook plugin I have yet to use the facebook plugin as I feel were I to give that as an option I would also be semi required to have a google login. Are you guys thinking of coming out with a google login to complement the others.



By Dave - April 19, 2018

Hi Kenny, 

We don't have any immediate plans for a Google Login plugin.  At some point we'll probably create a merged social media login plugin, though.  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer