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By Twocans - January 5, 2018 - edited: January 5, 2018

Hi yea, I have a site up and it is showing the "powered by", I use a legit serial etc.

v3.11 (Build 2156)



By Twocans - January 5, 2018

lol ok sorry, 

Client rings me up and tells me the see a powered by at the bottom of the page, I go and check and wowa it is there. I login to the cms and can see nothing has been changed etc. 

But now ten min later wow, its gone, really gone. all in all it is not me. I did see it as did the client, this is why they rang me.

all in all it is gone, 



By equinox - January 5, 2018

It may have also been a remnant in the browser cache which could explain you didn't see it after logging in even though it appeared on the public pages. Once the cache cleared it would "magically" disappear.

By Twocans - January 8, 2018

Brilliant Dave thank you

That worked

happy new year