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I added a trigger_error to capture the sql generated by moving the column.

E_USER_NOTICE: ALTER TABLE `cmsb_custom_pages`

MODIFY COLUMN `permalink` varchar(255)  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `shadow_permalink` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `forms` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `font_icon` varchar(255)  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `meta_description` varchar(255)  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `embed_video` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `ads` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `side_note` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `content` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `subtitle` mediumtext  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `page_title` varchar(255)  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `name` varchar(255)  FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `removeDate` datetime  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `publishDate` datetime  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `neverRemove` tinyint(1) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `featured` tinyint(1) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `is_heading_only` tinyint(1) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `hide_in_nav_menu` tinyint(1) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `hidden` tinyint(1) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `breadcrumb` varchar(255)  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `parentNum` int(10) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `depth` int(10) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `lineage` varchar(255)  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `siblingOrder` int(10) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `globalOrder` int(10) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `updatedByUserNum` int(10) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `updatedDate` datetime  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `createdByUserNum` int(10) unsigned  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `createdDate` datetime  NOT NULL FIRST,

MODIFY COLUMN `num` int(10) unsigned auto_increment NOT NULL FIRST

/Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www/cmsb/lib/menus/database/editTable_functions.php  (line 419)


I then change the table ENGINE=InnoDB

and I was able to move the column order.

Jeff Shields

Hi Jeff, 

Ok, glad you got it working.  If that comes up again or you'd like us to investigate it further just let me know.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

I think you will find this error coming up more frequently now that the database matches the ini column order.

There might be two solutions.

Change the table engine to innodb


split the alter table command so its total length is less than 1000 characters.

Jeff Shields

I think it's related to the key length of the columns, or maybe any indexes used on the table. I don't think it's related to the length of the query itself.  We recently changed the default charset from utf8 to utfmb4 which supports more characters such as emojis and other languages.  CMSB should automatically update your database to resolve that issue.  If you run into it again on another server feel free to email me details to dave@interactivetools.com and I can debug it. (Don't post login details to the forum).

There's probably no harm in changing the table type but I wouldn't suggest it as a default because it's not addressing the underlying issue.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By kitsguru - January 5, 2018 - edited: January 6, 2018


The max key length for myisam is 1000. The InnoDB internal maximum key length is 3500 bytes, but MySQL itself restricts this to 3072 bytes.

Since innodb is now the default and is better for overall performance with record locking instead of table locking, it might be worth moving in that direction.

See: https://www.mysql.com/why-mysql/presentations/myisam-2-innodb-why-and-how/

Also see: https://www.percona.com/blog/2016/10/11/mysql-8-0-end-myisam/

Jeff Shields

To change a table to INNODB :

Alter Table cmsb_accounts ENGINE=INNODB;

Jeff Shields