December Questions

By ht1080z - December 1, 2017 - edited: December 21, 2017

Hi interactiveTools Team,

Here is some questions that are related with CMSB and add-ons:

1. The website comments add-on is capable to work (maybe some modification) like a basic ticketing system?
2. Any update when the HTML5 uploader is finally embedded in CMSB? (maybe with ability to use this function from front-end as multi-file uploader as well)
3. Any update when the signup/login add-on based on FB Account-Kit will be available?
4. Do you plan to make Holiday Sales on add-ons this month?

Thank you in advance,

By ht1080z - December 22, 2017

Thank you for all your answer, I'll back to you after the holidays.

Merry Christmas for the interactiveTools Team!