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I use LastPass for a password manager and it always autofills on the login screen regardless of the settings in the General Settings or autocomplete setting on the input field. This is fine as it is what I wish to happen as a LastPass setting.

However my issue is that it also autofills when trying to edit/create a user account because the input fields are named the same as the login fields. Is it possible in a future release to rename the input fields in the user accounts screen. I am only suggesting the input field names for userid and password - not the database field names.

Jeff Shields

Hi Jeff,

I use LastPass too. I will pass along your request to Dave.

It's an on going challenge to deal with browsers and third party applications (password managers) that ingore HTML5 autocomplete standards. Changing the field names would help but isn't an ideal solution. I have read on some LastPass forum posts there have been requests for an attribute that could be added to a form that LastPass would respect and not autofill by default.

For now, you can enable a setting in LastPass to respect AutoComplete=off.


In the Advanced section, there is a checkbox for Respect AutoComplete=off: allow websites to disable AutoFill.


Damon Edis

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