PHP 5.6.31 settings.dat.php giving error 'loadINI: syntax error, unexpected '(' in /webroot/cmsroot/data/settings.dat.php on line 2 '

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By netsoftservices - August 11, 2017

OK. For anyone who gets this. It is because the loadstruc needs to be on one line:


<?php /* This is a PHP data file */ if (!@$LOADSTRUCT) { die("This is not a program file."); }


<?php /* This is a PHP data file */
if (!@$LOADSTRUCT) {
    die("This is not a program file.");

If you have this issue, just put the if structure all on one line. Somehow uploading it to the host moved it to multiple lines and probably added a weird character in it.

Thanks to Damon for not laughing at me when we found this. Great support as always!!!!